After graduating from the University for Creative Arts (London) in 2005, I went on to work as a creative within several freelance collaboration projects. The projects ranged over various industries; from science, music, military and car industry. After a few years of freelancing I started as a junior Art Director for a creative advertising company based in Stockholm. Being creative is not just work for me, it is my foremost interest and passion and my goal is to continuously challenge myself in order to develop and improve as a creator. 

 Me at work
I enjoy a positive atmosphere at work and I am good at contributing to this. I find it easy to tune into people and I believe a friendly, encouraging attitude is essential for good collaborations. I have a sincere tone when I give feedback, and try to share my own experiences and thoughts, and to encourage my colleagues to improve results. I am good at working in teams, but I am also happy to take care of projects independently.

I find it easy to learn new things and I get energy from solving problems. I strive to bring clearity to my creative work.
My intuitive ability makes it easy for me to discover connections and quickly adapt to new situations. I am confident as a person, service oriented and quality conscious. These are characteristics which I believe will help me succeed as a member of your team.

"Daniel K Mantilla delivers creative work that improves your business. He always strive for lifting the clients business to unexpected heights. He is very easy to work with, he is very perceptive to the clients' needs. His work is always very solid. He is also great at picking up new trends and using just enough of them in his productions to make the look and feel very modern."  Heidi Wold, Group Communication Manager, Scandi Standard.
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