Portfolio by Daniel Kulander Mantilla



I am a Swedish art director / graphic
designer who ”creates shapes that
levitate” and aims at lifting the clients
business to unexpected heights.

After graduating from the University for Creative Arts (London) in 2005, I went on to work as a graphic designer within several freelance collaboration projects. The projects ranged over various industries; from science to music to the military. After a few years of freelancing I started to work as a graphic designer / art director for a creative advertising company based in Stockholm.

A few words about me at work

I have a definite and sincere tone when I give criticism, and at the same time I try to share my own experiences and encourage my team to improve results. I like it when the atmosphere at work is positive and I am usually good at contributing to this. I see the value of a positive attitude and find it easy to tune into people. I am good at working in teams, but I am also happy to take care of projects independently.

I find it easy to learn new things and I get energy from solving problems. I often try to bring clarity and functionality to my design. My intuitive ability makes it easy for me to discover connections and quickly adapt to new situations. I am confident as a person, service-oriented and quality conscious. These are characteristics which I believe will help me succeed as a member of your team. I am driven to work as efficiently as possible and enjoy structure and routine. As an employee, I am reliable and always deliver what I promise.

A few words from others about working with Daniel

Do you want to work with someone who knows design from scratch, which has an eclectic style, that creatively gets inspiration from the old and new masters, who have great social skills, are service oriented, has an unusual combination of light madness and security, is motivating, responsive and easy to work with, and if you want to have fun at work. Then Daniel is the guy for you.”

Björn Hermansson, Owner,  copywriter at Grace Communication

“Daniel is very easy to work with and he is very perceptive to the clients’ needs. His work is always very solid. He is also great at picking up new trends and using just enough of them in his productions to make the look and feel very modern.”

Heidi Wold, Senior Account Executive at MSL Stockholm

“Daniel is a skilled designer as well as a very friendly guy. Creative, positive, trustworthy and a good networker. I highly recommend Daniel as a person and designer/art director!”

Anna Marita Persson, Owner, Recruiter & Search Agent at Nu Creatives

”I have had the great pleasure of working with Daniel and experienced his swift ability to grasp ideas for change. During our projects he has managed to set a profile for the illustrations from start and holding on to it. Continuously he has delivered illustrations that follow a perfect path through the publications I have authored/produced. I have found him very agreeable to work with.”

Magnus Sparf, Head of Department at FOI (Swedish Defence Research Agency)

Had the pleasure of getting to know and lead Daniels work for four years at Grace Communication. Daniel is a positive injection in any organization and he is passionate about design and creative challenges. He’s has my best recommendations.

Magnus Malmbergh, Owner/CEO/Strategic Account Director at Grace Communication